The Simple Golf Swing: Avoiding Obstacles and Hazards

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Golf can be a challenging game in the first place, but when you add obstacles and hazards to the mix, it can be even more so. Facing obstacles and hazards can be tricky and treacherous, but with a few tricks of your own and help from the Simple Golf Swing guide, you can overcome and defeat them. This simple five step system makes difficult situations seem easy. Using the system will not only help you stay out of trouble on the course, but will get you onto the green and into the cup.

The Simple Golf Swing is great for even the toughest situations because it breaks them down and makes them simple. You will learn effective shots to use in every sticky situation, like the pitch shot. Just like all shots in golf, the pitch requires a simple golf swing, but also some touch and precision. Pitching comes in handy in several situations on the course, including the challenge of getting over a bunker, or water hazard and over obstacles, like bushes, tree branches and rocks. It’s a short distance shot, but if controlled, will give you good scoring chances, while getting you out of tough spots.

Since the pitch requires the ball to get up into the air, you’ll need to choose a club with a high degree of loft, preferably a wedge or short iron. These clubs are designed to get the ball airborne, so all you have to do is put the correct swing on the ball. This is where the system comes into play. Just apply the five easy steps you’ve learned from the downloadable material and watch the ball get up onto the green and roll towards the hole.

What if you need to hit the ball low to avoid overhanging obstacles or a furious wind? Well, there’s a simple swing for that too. The punch, or knock down shot has the opposite effect of the pitch. The punch shot stays low to avoid tree branches, extremely windy conditions and other overhead obstacles. The punch shot is very useful in wooded areas and golfers who play it correctly can funnel the shot out of trouble and back out onto the fairway or the green. With the Simple Golf Swing, players will add shots like this to their arsenals for use in these kinds of difficult situations.

To execute the punch, you will need a club with a small degree of loft, something between a four and two iron (if you still have one in your bag). With the proper punch shot and the tips learned from the system, these clubs will help you keep the ball low and get underneath those worrisome obstacles while still giving you some distance.  Using a simple swing, the goal is to sweep the club low along the ground at impact. Everything about the punch shot is low, as the hands should also finish low during the follow through.

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The Simple Golf Swing: Avoiding Obstacles and Hazards

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The Simple Golf Swing: Avoiding Obstacles and Hazards

This article was published on 2012/08/17