Golf Shot Visualizing - Some Steps to Incorporate For Maximizing Success

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Visualization or imagining a good shot in your mind prior to actually playing it is a sure fire way to increase the quality and percentage of good shots around the golf course. This is just not debatable; Ask Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and every other top athlete in any sport.

Take some time to build up a clear picture or image in your mind of what you want the ball to do. For those who think they don't visualize, get a clear idea of what you want to do - describe it to yourself.

Establish what trajectory is best for the shot required, conditions, green design, pin position and dangers etc.

Wind speed and direction are important factors and very ignored by the vast majority of amateurs. I have seen many a good shot ruined needlessly by the wind when a little planning and change of target would have put the ball perfectly in play. Try to imagine what reaction the wind will have, readjust your internal imaging to use the wind to your advantage.

Where is the pin? If it is cut right at the back of the green then a high floating shot is more risky so imagine a lower pitch shot landing and releasing a little on landing. Choke down an a 9 iron and pitch it onto the front of the green or middle if you are more skilled with getting a little check on the ball.

Take some time and imagine what will happen if you miss the green in certain places compared to where the pin is. For example if the pin is cut tight to a bunker then you may want to err on the side of caution. Imagine how tough it will be to get up and down from the bunker with no green to work with. Picture your shot landing middle of the green and leave yourself a longer putt rather than risk bogey from the bunker. Your skill level with the shot you plan must determine whether you can shoot at a pin or not.

Remember that not planning a shot properly and ending up in a position that is tough is a mental error more than physical. Take the danger out of the shot and playing to your percentages will allow you to swing with more confidence, increasing the likelihood of a good shot, and you will score better. Picking the wrong club or shooting at a dangerous pin that you can't afford to miss is poor planning.

Plan the best shot, remove the danger and then visualize - imagine the shot you want, flying in to the precise spot you have picked as your target. Mental mistakes may not cost you money if you are an amateur but they will cost you plenty of shots.

By visualizing, imagining, planning your shot as part of your pre-shot routine, you will make better plans and lock in the shot required giving your mind/body the best chance to give you the result you want. By visualizing, imagining your shots you will make smarter decisions and plans which will put your mind at rest and allow you to swing with more freedom and confidence.

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Golf Shot Visualizing - Some Steps to Incorporate For Maximizing Success

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This article was published on 2010/03/31