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The chip shot can make all the difference. If you it too far or too short you could easily need 2 or 3 putts to get to the hole. Perfect this shot and you'll masterfully learn how to nestle the ball near to the pin for an easy tap in. I've put together a few tips to help you shave strokes of your score in no time.

Is the Chip Shot the same as a Pitch Shot?
There is often confusion between these 2 shots, but they are different. The pitch shot is a relatively high soft that is lofted onto the green. It is used to avoid hazards such as bunkers or bushes. A good pitch shot will have a little backspin and finish close to the pin. These shots are best achieved through the use of a 60 degree wedge.

The chip shot is usually played over a much shorter distance with no obstacles to clear. A good chip shot will get a little air and land the ball on the green to roll towards the hole. Unlike the pitch shot, nearly every club in your bag can be used for a chip shot, depending on the situation and lie.

Club Selection for Chipping
To perfect the chip you need to get used to using a range of clubs. If you're on the fringe or close to the green you'll probably want a higher lofted club - the further away from the green, the lower the loft.

A 9-iron or pitching wedge would be well suited around the edge of the green where a confident shot is required. Try not to slow on your downswing or you'll likely be making another chip shot in a moment! If you're a bit further, say 20 yards or so, back from the green, you may want to use a 7 iron and if you're further away, a 5 iron would be good.

Weight Distribution and Ball Position
To get the chip shot right, the club head must follow a straight line - very similar to the putt. You should adopt a fairly open stance with your front foot angled about forty-five degrees towards the hole. You should have 60% of your weight on your front foot. Position the ball in the middle of your stance and remember to follow a dead-straight line with your swing.

Practice this shot a few times and try to get a feel for the weight of the shot. Over time you'll soon master the chip shot and you'll have turned two putts into one!

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Golf Chipping Tips That Work

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This article was published on 2010/03/29